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Imagine being a single mother of five children. You come home one night, days before Christmas, to find your house on fire, destroying everything you own. Of course, everyone thinks, “That could never happen to me,” but for one Jim Rollo customer, this horror was her reality.

While left with almost nothing as a result of the fire, this single mother was still thankful. Her family was safe, and she had excellent homeowners insurance through Jim Rollo Insurance and Financial Services to help her family recover.

After the fire occurred, she quickly notified Jim Rollo, who was able to help her in many ways.

  • He got her an insurance check for $3,000 the very next morning to start replacing essential items for her children.
  • He arranged for two 2-bedroom suites at a hotel for the family to stay in until they could rent a house.
  • Once the family found a house to rent until they could replace their own, the mother found she could not pay the $3,800 security deposit required. Jim got the money for the deposit advanced from the claim.

Jim’s actions during the claim process and his client’s excellent coverage made all the difference during a highly stressful and heartbreaking time. The customer had initially purchased her home for $80,000. However, when completed, her claim paid out over $400,000.

Insurance should bring homeowners peace of mind. So in times of devastation, their immediate needs will be taken care of, and their agent will have their back. That is what Jim Rollo Insurance and Financial Services provides for each and every customer.