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The summer season is fleeting in Upstate New York. Fall is coming, the leaves will change, and the temperature will drop. We can exchange pool days for pumpkin patches and iced tea for warm apple cider.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all just apple-picking and cheering on your favorite football team. The start of fall means that it’s time to put away your summer gear and start preparing for winter.

Properly packing away your summer gear will ensure it doesn’t get damaged by the winter weather and make for an easier transition once the weather warms up again. You’ll be happy you took the time later on down the road.

Let me help take some stress away by providing you with some Happy Homeowner Tips and Tricks.

The essentials:

  • Clean it: Cleaning the item thoroughly and adequately should always be the first step on your summer clean-up checklist!
  • Repair it: After adequately cleaning the item, look it over and see if there are any bumps or bruises that need care. It’s always better to fix issues before storing them, so when summer comes around again, you can just take it out and enjoy it right away.
  • Store it: This one might seem obvious, but correctly storing the item in a way that minimizes the potential for damage goes a long way. Take the extra time to get it just right!

More tips & tricks for storing specific items
Recreational equipment: The most challenging thing about putting away camping equipment, sports gear, bikes, cornhole sets, pool noodles, and baseball gloves is figuring out just where they go! But, like most things in life, taking the time and care to store them pays off. The care you take will make it less likely cold temperatures, moisture, insects or rodents, and other winter risks will damage your possessions. Happy Homeowners don’t just throw everything in a big pile in the garage. Instead, we take the time to install a few hooks and shelves, purchase sturdy, water and weatherproof containers, and find the perfect, caring home for all our gadgets and gear.

Outdoor furniture: Thoroughly wash and dry all outdoor furniture and equipment before storing it for the season. This includes cushions, covers, hammocks, flags, and umbrellas. Use any cleaning solutions to eliminate dirt, germs, and mold. Finally, store your outdoor furniture in a cool, dry place, preferably inside a garage or shed, and off the floor.

Clothing and textiles: Fall is an excellent time to go through not just clothing but linens, towels, and other materials. Get rid of anything that’s too worn or damaged, and donate anything you didn’t wear or haven’t used in a long time. Launder everything and repair rips and stains before putting items away—store summer clothing, beach towels, hats, swimsuits, etc. in fabric bags or plastic containers. Choosing the correct container for your summer clothing and textiles is essential because it helps prevent moisture, insects, and direct light that could damage your goods.