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Did you know there are over 1 million burglaries throughout the United States every year? Whether you have fallen victim in the past or not, we all remain targets for home break-ins. There are many ways that we can avoid being targeted, but we should also prepare for the unexpected by following these do’s and don’ts. 


  • Prepare a home inventory list of all contents in your house. Go room by room and don’t forget attics, garages, basements, and sheds. 
  • Purchase and use a home security system
  • Change up your security code(s) often
  • Move or hide valuables while away from home. Even better, purchase a safe!
  • If you are traveling, plan for someone to bring in your waste bins. Leaving them out may show as a sign of inactivity, which many criminals look for. 
  • Mark your high-ticket items with a personal identifying code (i.e. your driver’s license number). Being able to track your items back to you allows easier proof of ownership if they are found.
  • Arrange for deliveries to be sent to the post office while you are out of town.
  • Ensure that house cleaners, dog walkers, babysitters, and house sitters are aware of all locks and alarm systems.


  • Post on social media about being out of town.
  • Advertise high-end purchases on social media.
  • Leave any doors or windows unlocked.

Keep in mind that protecting your home doesn’t mean you will never experience a robbery, but ensuring you have insurance to cover your belongings can prevent a lot of headaches. 

Take preemptive measures to secure your home as homeowners insurance will not cover a break-in that results from negligence. Start with preparing a home inventory list; it will immediately help you in creating a claim following a break-in.

As you write your list, take note of items such as jewelry, watches, and coin collections and evaluate whether these items are covered by your insurance. Valuables often come with limited coverage in homeowners policies and require supplemental insurance. Also note that mysterious disappearance of your valuable items is not covered in homeowners policies.